Guest post by Janie Corinne


When I was a little girl, my friends and I often played hide and seek around the neighborhood. I remember running from the starting place, relieved not to be “it.” The fear of being found and becoming “it” drove me to frantically search for a good hiding place. As the countdown finished and “Ready or not, here I come!” was shouted in the distance, I would stand behind a tree or crouch under a bush. I’d hold myself tight and still so that I wouldn’t be discovered. GirlBehindTreeWas I breathing too heavily? Can I be heard? My heart beat seemed to pulse throughout my entire body. Only my eyes moved while the seeker ran around looking for me and my friends.

Finally the magic words, “oll-e oll-e ox-and-free,” were called out. Phew, relief, I could breathe again. I could come out of hiding. I would run back to the home base… only to begin another round of our game.

As an adult, I continued to experience that feeling of hiding, being frozen, and not wanting to be found or found out. I worried about not being good enough. I feared that others would discover that I really was deficient, not what they expected and needed.

I had several relationships that began with excitement and passion, but gradually morphed into dissatisfaction. I could not please my partner no matter what I tried. It seemed that when I eventually revealed my true self, my partner was no longer interested in being with me. The relationship painfully dissolved. These experiences confirmed my belief that I needed to hide who I was, if I wanted to have a romantic partner.

After I discovered Avatar®, I began to see things differently. Using the Avatar tools and doing the integrity work allowed me to take responsibility for my life experiences. I became able to stop blaming my partners for the failed relationships. What a relief!

I not only realized that being the real me was the only answer, I became ever more able to stop pretending...

I felt how I created suffering by pretending to be what the other person wanted, or what I thought they wanted, instead of being authentic from the start. Depression that had been present in my life for decades disappeared, replaced by a steady optimism and self-confidence. I not only realized that being the real me was the only answer, I became ever more able to stop pretending and just BE me.

If you yearn to hear the words “oll-e-oll-e-ox-and-free” and run into the clear from wherever you may be hiding, I invite you to come to The Avatar Course. With the help of the Avatar materials and the guidance of Avatar masters, you can quickly reveal your self-sabotaging patterns and the beliefs that created them. You can change those beliefs and start creating a life that is fulfilling and exciting.

Oll-e oll-e ox-and-free!


Janie Corinne is an Avatar Master from New Mexico. She can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (575) 770-6275.




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