Fatima_QApicMaria de Fatima Nunes is from Brazil.
She can be reached at +55 84 323 45262
or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Why would you recommend The Avatar Course to someone?
I would recommend The Avatar Course because we urgently need people on the planet that are able to help save it. Avatar is about helping yourself to be an enlightened being and by doing that, you are helping the entire planet and all beings.

Avatar is a simple, easy and effective way to be in service to all beings by becoming a better person.

I will recommend Avatar because you can change your entire life in nine days, because it is nine days that is worth many lifetimes.

The Avatar Course helps people take control of their lives; meaning taking control of their health, emotions, feelings, material and non-material realities. Avatar helps them to be healthy, happy and powerful beings, human in their truthful essence.


The Avatar Journal would like to thank Fatima for sharing her perspective. Read more Avatar experiences at AvatarResults.com


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