KarenRyder.pngKaren Ryder is from Rhode Island.
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How has your life changed since taking The Avatar Course?

Wow, there have been so many changes. But the big, overarching one is an ability that began to develop on my first course, and continues to expand.

It is this: the ability to recognize that everything that I think, feel, perceive, know, appreciate or resist, is a creation. I can either be inside of the creation, experiencing it, or outside of it, “viewing” it, and from that viewpoint, deciding whether to continue creating it, or discreate it.  Either way, it’s mine! I often explore different perspectives using the “Viewpoints” Exercise from ReSurfacing.

For example, I recently had a hip replacement, which gave me an opportunity to examine and discreate some impeding beliefs I had about aging, about pain, and about the inevitability of suffering. It was also an opportunity to create some helpful beliefs about my body, my inner strength and resilience, and what I want to accomplish in my life.

I am grateful for this ability, grateful to Harry for showing me how to use my mind. I am grateful for being able to use this ability, which allows me to feel compassion and appreciation for myself as the creator of my creations. Grateful to be able feel love and compassion for my fellow human beings, creating their experiences according to what they (and we collectively) currently believe. And grateful to believe that helping others to manage their beliefs can contribute to a better world for all who share this planet.

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