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Guest post by Patrick Kools

ConLightEasy_art-smlThe Avatar Course in Egmond was fantastic; there were two hundred students from all over the world.

Just by working with the materials for a few hours everyone realized that many of their life situations were caused by their own beliefs—belief that had been transparent to them. That they could change these beliefs easily was an eye-opener. Many experienced a new perspective on things right then and there.

I had students at the course: One of them is a very able person, very good at marketing, but underneath she felt critical of herself; she could never be good enough. On course she learned to create the feeling of being happy as herself for the first time ever. Her jaw dropped. My jaw dropped. It was astounding.

Another student saw how he created a life-long pattern of feeling locked in between conflicting commitments. In a flash he saw how he could stop it.

When you work with the exercises you actually take responsibility for your own life without the guilt, heaviness, or resistance that we often associate with discovering automatic behaviors. No, it is not always easy, but boy does it feel good!


The Avatar Course, Egmond Aan Zee, the Netherlands

Ten people from our company were at the course. Some had their first experience; some were reviewing; some were actually delivering the course. We were all learning, growing, getting new insights. I achieved more clarity on how I sometimes dis-empower people around me. I saw the beliefs that created the situation, and was able to take responsibility for creating situations that I often experienced as a victim. This is really good news because I can stop it, and I can do what I really want to do, empower people.

Life keeps throwing stuff at us. And this stuff is not always easy, and it is not always nice, but with the Avatar tools, we are equipped for it. Like Harry says in one of his DVD's: " You come out smiling". And that we did.... as the picture shows. The people in the picture are happy because they found the fun in themselves. Consciousness is a light and easy thing.

As a last thing, I want to say that I am totally in awe about the care, the quality and the dedication of the Avatar Masters in supporting students to get the results they came for. And the lightness, the mission, the materials and the network inspire me to show more compassion, integrity, responsibility and fun in my company. I can contribute every day to the creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. I think that is really possible, and I thank Harry for that inspiration.

Patrick Kools is an Avatar Master/Wizard from The Netherlands. He can be contacted at +346 210 031 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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