This has been one of (if not the) best experiences of my life. To be completely accepted, lovingly nurtured to this level of beingness and beyond, as I choose, as I decide! Thats the real power! I have found myself, lost myself, whatever! At this point words fail me. I look forward to my life as an Avatar. I look forward to meeting other Avatars, taking the Master Course, and helping others to not only touch the essence of life, but to live it, experience it.
With all my heart,

D. C. - Texas

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Dear Harry,

Thank you so much for your loving guidance and the exquisite tools of avatar. I am so happy to be back on my path, to be healthy and able to share with all, my Love and what I have learned. You are awesome. I feel deep appreciation and awe for your work. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve others and realize my goals.

I started Avatar in February, Masters in March, M.E.W. In May, Pro Course in October. My (pregnant) daughter, Anneke, was on course in June, and her partner, Chris joins us on Saturday. With great pleasure I inspire more students to my second internship later this week. With amazement, appreciation and understanding, I widen back to allow others space to realize themselves. What an awesome way to be able to teach and work and dance towards world peace.

This has always been my path, but now the way is clear and I know how to deal with any obstacles that come up, easily. Wow! After my partners death in 2004 and my own death experience in 2005, I was barely able to walk steadily or speak clearly on a consistent basis, focusing on pain, suffering, fear and death. Falling down, forgetting, worrying, and stuttering were daily obstacles.

Now, I am focused on living and playing every day, embracing my path to world peace and happiness for all. The big change came during Februarys Avatar Course.

Thank you so much!

Thanks to Avra and the trainers too, and to all the Masters and students. So happy to be a part of the Avatar network, smiling and dancing, learning and Teaching, giving love and spaciousness on my way to Contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

You are amazing.

In love and appreciation,
Michelle beach, Avatar Master


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Wow! I don?t know where to begin. So much has happened! These successes are not in any particular order.
I re-connected to Life. I can distinguish between being in my head and feeling connected (at one) with my environment?nature, other people and things. I feel the unity of all things instead of the separateness.
As I let go of the baggage and burdens I was carrying (comparing, judging, analyzing, blaming, guilty) I felt so much lighter and brighter. The other result is feeling inner peace. My mind is not in turmoil and constantly churning.
The world literally looks brighter. Experiencing what is around me is more intense and more vivid.
I feel re-inspired and re-charged. Life is exciting again. I feel younger?letting go of the old attitudes and beliefs and rigid beliefs and behaviors that I had been living.
I feel capable of opening my heart to real love and being able to trust again and love others with a full heart. I feel like Superwoman! I want to keep re-creating this feeling?it?s empowering and inspiring.
Thank you to myself, Len Vaillancourt, and everyone else, seen and unseen, who had a part in this creation.

B. J. - Florida
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I came to this course with great expectations. I wanted to be ?saved.? Saved from me and from the harsh, demanding life I had designed for myself. Sure, I was already successful. I was happy most of the time, my businesses were bringing me wealth, homes, vehicles, all the toys I could think of. And day in, day out, I would sit at my desk and wonder why I felt so empty. Each conquest and creation and goal I achieved brought diminishing return of satisfaction. I had already been thinking positively for 12 years, had personal power for 5 years, and devoured every other self-improvement program I could find. And at 31 years, I felt old. Another year, more money, more responsibilities, more frustration. And then instead of making fun of me for being a grown-up little boy, Avatar cultivated my child-side. I spent hours feeling the smooth and rough textures of rocks and trees. Flying with the birds, running and playing with dogs, and owning up to the fact that I created my universe. I peeled off the layers of consciousness that forced me to work so hard and the beliefs that made life a chore. Now I find myself giggling at the drop of a hat and crying when I feel sad. You mean it?s okay to feel sad? I spent the last 16 years piling on resistance every time a feeling that was ?inappropriate? came up. And I removed those resistances in a few days and laughed while I did it. This course is a bargain at any price?the best investment I?ve ever made. I made it in me. And now I?m back, and I love it! Thank you Cata! And thank you Harry! Thank you for helping me fall in love with me again.

M. S. - Indiana

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Imagine a seven-year-old boy deciding that he couldn?t be happy for the rest of his life, finally being heard by his fifty-year-old version, who then decides he?s going to be happy for the rest of his.
This was one of the many turning-point insights that I came to in my recent Avatar experience. The course didn?t help me find my inner child. He was always there. It did enable me to feel how he felt, as a trusting young body of confused emotions, and remember the moment he took that sad belief.
The course gave me the separation and the clarity to see that a lot of what had been defining and guiding my adult life, good and bad, was formulated long ago by that sensitive little kid.
A no-brainer, you might say, we?re all creatures of our growing-up. Ah, but to recognize when it?s him down there trembling at the base of your fear, and that you now have the tools to effectively handle it, makes all the difference in the world. Avatar gave me back myself.
I believe this course will do that for anyone who will let it.
You see, Avatar is a course, in effect, taught by yourself to your student self on the subject of you.
Each new student establishes his or her goals at the onset, the stuff you really need to get rid of and the new life you want to take on. For me, I needed to open a door to my inside and create direct from the feeling center of myself. And when I felt my younger self grabbing and pulling me down with his limitations and machinations, I gently told him this was no longer us and that we could let it go.
From there, I effortlessly created my new line of Lyrical HeART prints and my business has been flourishing ever since.

T. B. - Connecticut

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This course is magic or rather the tools that I?ve learned in this course have helped me rediscover the magic of my being. I?ve taken many personal growth trainings, read tons of books, tapes, etc. This course is in a class of its own. Never have I seen such powerful tools for exploration, and they are so simple. All of what I had hoped for and more was achieved and more than in any other training that I?ve ever had. It is a gentle and loving process. Since much of the course has to do with beliefs, it is very fitting that no unidentified beliefs were put upon me either by the course materials or by my master.

D.B. - Washington

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I have worked with young children with developmental disabilities and their families for some twenty years in the capacity of a speech and language therapist. Twice during this time, I experienced severe burn-out and depression. At these times, I seriously considered a complete career change, not just a change in employers. The burn-out was due to my workaholism and need to be perfect. Fortunately, my place of employment has a wonderful psychologist who helped me deal with these issues and subsequently introduced me to Avatar.
My experiences have given me new insights into myself and others. It has strengthened my positive beliefs about myself and my abilities. At the same time it has made me aware of the beliefs that inhibit me. I am learning to truly laugh and take myself less seriously. I am also learning to be an explorer rather than a searcher. These skills I try to take into my evaluations and therapy sessions. This may not seem like a novel concept, but to experience, understand, and truly feel this is entirely different than realization on a cognitive level. It makes for a happier child and a happier, more creative therapist.
Avatar has provided me with tools to accept myself, my thoughts, and others without judgment. These techniques are truly eye opening, relaxing, and exhilarating. Through Avatar, I am not only becoming a better listener, but I am also better able to separate myself and my feelings from those of my co-workers, families, and clients. There are no limits, except those that we create.

B.R. - Colorado
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The week (of the Avatar course) is over?the remake of this movie is just beginning. A new script. New tools. It has a great potential for success because I have a way to keep me on track.
It isn?t a quick fix; it doesn?t do its magic without me. But with me it can do miracles.

J. M. - Michigan
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I took Avatar after years of studying A Course in Miracles, some Krishnamurti writings, along with various other disciplines. Avatar interested me because it explained things differently so I could get a better ?knowing,? conceptualization, of my inner search. After I read that beliefs create our reality, I realized that we?re no longer victims of the world so we could no longer ?scapegoat? the world or other people. What really interested me was a technique offered by Avatar to deal with the blocks that keep us from our awareness??the blocks being only beliefs we had accepted into our reality.
As I integrate this course that I have taken into my life, I realize that the power is within me to choose my reality. In fact, the responsibility is totally mine. This insight has far-reaching implications for me as it offers a completely different way of living in the world. The main three insights I received are that beliefs create experiences, the technique to dissolve (unwanted) beliefs, the power to choose my reality. The only problem that really occurs is the belief that we have separated from our Source, and thus are experiencing the belief that we are separate from one another...

F. C. - Pennsylvania
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Avatar. What can I say? I swell with joy and gratitude, because I am finally free. I create it all. What love I feel. What joy I feel and what a joy to feel. I can hardly wait to start creating what I want!
I?m Avatared and feathered, now I can F-L-Y...
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

D. J. - Michigan
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When I first received an Avatar Journal in the mail, I took one look at it, thought, ?Oh, yeah? and tossed it into the garbage. About an hour later I took it out, scanned it and thought, ?Just another ploy, promising enlightenment for a pretty steep path.? Only this time I didn?t throw it out. I would gravitate to the Journal, read an article and put it down. I figured my getting the Journal was a fluke??it sounded interesting, but not for me. I did order Living Deliberately, ReSurfacing and the tapes. When I got my second Journal in the mail, I thought, ?Someone is saying something to me.? This time I sat down and read the Journal from front to back, paying special attention to the course guide. But after years of following other paths to dead ends, I was suspicious??of new ideas, simple ideas, and anything that said ?easy.? After all, I found out through hours of meditations, years of classes, tons of books that reaching enlightenment was anything but easy, as attested by the fact that I had not received it yet!
Spurred by my curiosity, I called several Masters...and seriously considered taking the course...I decided that I would take eight days, submerge myself in Avatar (whatever that was) and leave with the ability to consciously, continuously create my life.
My thoughts during the eight days were always, ?This is so simple. I knew that, only I couldn?t apply it in that way.? Now I know that I am Avatar, consciously, consistently creating everything I experience.

B. E. - Arizona

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