Every day more and more inner peace surfaces as I discreate old beliefs that come up while creating my new life.
What changed the most? Well without the resistances, the judgments, the limiting beliefs, the seriousness, and the control, my life is empty of the clutter and energy loss that was there before. I have more fun and time for the really magnificent things I want to create. I feel peace, real deep inner peace.
I am very grateful to you, Harry. I am 57 years young and did most of the courses on this planet and naturally read all the books, at last count approximately 700.
I am grateful to you in my heart because THIS course makes a real difference. I NOW really do create what I prefer.
I will do a review in August and after that I?ll go to Florida to do the Master Course.
I know I will meet you one day to shake your hand and say thank you looking in your eyes. I know it because I will create it. So, dear Harry, I will see you soon.
May the blessings and my love be with you.

M.P. - Quebec
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/461-read-all-the-books.html

I can?t find the words to thank Harry Palmer for enabling me to shake off much that I had accumulated over the years as fixed identity patterns. Avatar changed my life.
As a Yogi and Sky Kundalini Yoga Master for more than 18 years, I have found Avatar techniques are far more effective and do not rely on indoctrinated truths. I experienced several moments of blissed-out feelings that defy any explanation. One of the exercises produced a state of such stillness that it left me wondering why these practices had not been taught earlier.
I wish to become an Avatar Master as soon as possible and take this knowledge to the people of India and other beings on this planet.

Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/459-far-more-effective.html

At the end of the Avatar training I accomplished all the goals I had set at its beginning.
Some days after the training remnants of one of the limiting beliefs I had been working on showed up. By allowing them to play and watching them I found fun in uncovering some more ingeniously silly core beliefs. Now when I feel stuck in my good old swamp I can recognize it as my own creation and bathe in it for a while, and explore it and then leave it behind.
Many of my friends have noticed strong positive changes.
And this is just the start...

J.G. - Germany
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/458-strong-positive-changes.html

About Avatar...the only description I can provide right now is AWESOME! I feel like I?ve been searching for some time for something that makes sense. To think I?ve had the materials in my possession since December tickles me no end! What I?ve been searching for turned out to be right under my nose.
I want to share briefly the statements in Living Deliberately that have had the most impact on me. Harry Palmer said, ?After ten years of spiritual study, I realized that all of what I had learned was what someone else believed?my mind was full of what someone else had concluded or imagined.?
I certainly relate to that! Since 1984, I have read and studied different religions, disciplines, you name it. And still I have yet to experience the essence of a ?true? original thought. I just haven?t been able to do it.
Another statement Harry made is, ?I followed the intuitive feeling that told me that the more information I collected, the further I moved from experiencing. The more reasons why something was true, the less experientially real it became.? How insightful these statements are to me!

P.M. - Michigan
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/457-right-under-my-nose.html

Like many others, I had been searching for a number of years for something known as the truth. My search took me to many masters and initiated a large number of spiritual teachings and techniques. At times my mind was temporarily at ease, thinking it had arrived at the end of its journey, only to discover that the horizon was still a few more mountains away.
I share a firm belief that nothing ever happens in this world by accident. During the last six years a series of events or discoveries have rocked my world, manifesting in the most beautiful ways. Either a friend passed me some books or strangers popped in and provided me books or food for thought. It was like getting occasional whiffs of the mango, but never the real taste of it.
A dear friend mentioned to me about The Avatar Course and introduced me to Russell. My initial reaction was that it was too expensive and that I could not afford it even if I wanted to. However by a series of coincidences or mysterious happenings I was able to enjoy the three sections of the course all together. The course was amazing. When you finally bite into the mango and taste it, you start smiling and rejoicing in its exquisite sweetness. Only in eating the mango can you truly be certain ?no more ideas of how a mango tastes or smells.
The simple exercises started to manifest into excellent, tangible benefits. I was able to take charge of my life, which until then was a constant reaction to circumstances that resulted in frustration most of the time. Now I can create my desired circumstances and thrive in their bliss.
Even before finishing the course I could see all the layers of junk and muck dissipating. Recently, when I read that I was the creator of my reality, it seemed too far fetched, but Avatar has cut right to the bone, slicing off years of accumulations, ideas, decrees and beliefs. I am back in the pilot?s seat, with the controls in my hands, cruising in the most beautiful ship that ever landed on this planet?my life.
There was one exercise during the course that was mind blowing. I could not stop smiling. I wanted it to never end. I am smiling even more now.

B. F. - Dubai
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/456-back-in-the-pilots-seat.html

I always said, ?There has got to be a better way.? See I got myself trapped in an automobile assembly line for 30 years working six to seven days a week, ten hours plus, per day, with big responsibilities and no time, no energy to further my education.
I have been trying hard for some time to reach deep spiritual states, such as peace, harmony, love and compassion.
Avatar did it!
I forgave myself and released old patterns of fear and resisted experiences, and I felt myself literally lighten up from the deepest part of myself. I can face fear now.
I feel much happier and can manage myself better. The Avatar Materials seemed to me to be the perfect tool to help identify and remove personal conflicts.

R. J. - Missouri
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/455-the-perfect-tool-.html

Avatar is a powerful and amazing course. All the work in Section II was worth the end result. To have the ability to create what I want, when I want, is a wonderful prospect. I can read the Bible?s promises of abundant life and believe them. I can handle my doubts so effectively. I salute Harry Palmer for such a wonderful creation and all the Avatar Masters who got the best out of every one of us. It feels that we are all one.

N. K. - Ireland
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/454-we-are-all-one.html

I am writing this two days after becoming an Avatar and I hardly know where to begin! My life is so different.
I went to the workshop with the intention of no longer being critical of my daughter?of loving her unconditionally. I noticed it had happened before I was through with the course. We were out to dinner with some friends. I was looking at her with such love and appreciation. She looked so beautiful; I felt for her so deeply.
I was staying with her during the course, and the first few days were pretty bumpy. I felt her hostility, and I was uncomfortable being there. But by the end of the week she was thanking me for being there and telling me how much she loved me. I could go on about how much she was changing before me?but it was actually me.
After I became an Avatar, on the evening of the last day, other students commented that I no longer looked like my evil twin who had come to the course on the first day.
Thank you, Lori, and the other Masters for guiding me back home! My life is limitless now, and I can create anything I want. My desire is for everyone on the planet to experience life as I now experience it.

C. S. - Washington
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/453-my-life-is-so-different.html

With much gratitude and excitement, I completed The Avatar Course yesterday.
The last week has clearly brought home the realization that now is the time to live deliberately! I woke this morning with GREAT JOY, in the calm and certain realization that a new sense of Self had been awakened within me. I also know I have just been presented with a priceless set of simple tools that I can use to free myself from self-doubts and to at last become my own best friend. ?I create it all,? and I can now choose to deliberately create love, joy, peace, abundance and harmony.
I feel that this course is totally powerful and priceless. I will enthusiastically recommend it!
From the moment I started hearing feedback about the Avatar Materials from a couple of friends, and after carefully reviewing the information and testimonials, I was impressed that such a short course could have such a beneficial impact in peoples? lives.
Three years in a Yoga meditation center in India and fifteen years of metaphysical studies in western Canada had given me many beautiful glimpses and insights into what the spiritual path is about. And yet I was still searching. The Avatar Course has shown me what I had been missing, and for the first time I know that the path is now clear before me. The fog has lifted.
I want to thank you, Russell, for facilitating this exceptional course in a totally joy-filled way, and with a great depth of practical wisdom. I also want to thank Harry Palmer for making this course available to the world. What a joy to know that Avatar is spreading around the world and is available to do its magic with people of all backgrounds, effectively and gently shifting minds to the experience of self-realization and enlightened living.
A big burden has been removed from my heart, the burden of having remained relatively ineffective at helping myself and others truly transform for the better all aspects of their lives. I now want to quickly become an Avatar Master to join in this work.

S. M. - Canada
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/452-totally-powerful-and-priceless.html

I set out to gain some insight into deliberately changing the way I perceive myself, my relationships and the world around me. I wanted to become cause rather than effect.
Through the exercises in the ReSurfacing workshop I gained practical tools for looking at any challenge I have, determining where it comes from and more importantly, how I can make the changes that I choose for myself.
I gained a perspective of myself as an unlimited being?through actually experiencing it. I was able to work through two of the most powerful challenges in my life right now. It has been a liberating and empowering experience.

R. B. - Arizona

Source : http://avatarresults.com/avatar-resurfacing/451-deliberately-changing-.html

Thank you for the sea of Avatar kindness. I have been amazed and delighted to experience an expansion of my awareness to the sphere of awareness itself.
My experience of the wonderful people that I?ve met here, Avatars, Masters, Wizards and Star?s Edge Trainers, has been the most convincingly real group experience of my life.
I have been a sincere Buddhist yogi practitioner for approximately 30 years. I had many profound experiences through the practice of Dzog-Chen, but Avatar has given me more in nine days than
I have seen most people get from many years of today?s Buddhist practices. I know Lord Buddha would do The Avatar Course and recommend it most highly.
From the heart,

G.W. - California
Source : http://avatarresults.com/the-avatar-course/450-amazed-and-delighted-.html