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I am very happy because Ive perceived how I can contribute to the creation and maintenance of an EPC, which you have dedicated your whole life . I am a doctor and I love what I do, and I know that I can help a lot working as a doctor, and I feel that I am doing what I want. I know how I can contribute in creating medical students that will be good professionals in the future. With everyone that I live with, my husband, my kids, and my friends to help with their transformation with all my love and deeds. Thank You for all the Love and Compassion you have with all of us. Ill see you again at Wizards 2009.

Regina Kotke-USA-2007

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Multi-dimensionalizing Exercise: One the exercise (4) of Multi-dimensionalizing people, I rediscovered my interest in other people. I had been uni-dimensionally seeing everyone--dull, dull, dull. I can understand now that I was the dull one with my monotonous point of view, viewing everyone.

With this tool, the fascinating qualities of everyone have magically reappeared. It feels like a complete make over of the world for me.

Jane Parham-USA-2008

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This Wizard Course did not only empower me so I am sure to have a more joyful life, a better partnership, it was also a great spiritual experience. I was so touched by Harrys talks and all the people from all over the world. I could really feel that we all have a dream, the same dream, and a lot of people before us (in former times) also dreamt it, and what is the core of all spiritual practices, religions, philosophies. We want a better world and well work for it. We create an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. Thank You, Harry.

Muller Gertind-USA-2008

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Dear Harry -- Please consider this my gold page success story from the Montreal Avatar Course.

I just came home from the course in Montreal with Bill and George. During the course I was being very vigilant about not coming from ego as Avra had been mentioning ego and I knew it was an easy pitfall for me. Then... Avra helped us learn about Gratitude. I was creating the primary Out of gratitude to Harry I am Contributing to an Enlightened Planetary Civilization with Avra. I knew it was different than anything I had ever done before. She told me just feel it. I never really got how you personally hold the space for Loving all of Precious Humanity. It just makes sense how Everything is all Right when you hold the space for Loving all Precious Humanity. I always felt I was grateful, grateful for my training, grateful for Avra being my Master, grateful to my other mentors in my life - grateful for my parents, husband, and other friends and family. Grateful for being able to be in Montreal with George and Bill. But... this is such a different feeling, Im not sure how to explain it in words. I can be "in gratitude easily", but when I feel "out of gratitude" it feels like I am living from serious drill. It feels more like the space the trainers hold.

I am very much humbled. I feel like if I can hold this space I will not need to worry about my ego. Right now, I cant hold this space through out my day, but I feel it and I want to go up on the doingness scale of it. Ive reread my Pro pack. There are so many nuggets of knowledge in such a tiny pack!
Ive been in the slow lane assimiutf8g all of this in the last two days. I know I need to get back in the Fast Lane so I am creating the visions as primaries on page 62. ( I just had to take a break from writing this e-mail to answer a call from someone who wants to take Avatar -- Im registering her this afternoon---hmmmmm).

It just seems like admitting where I am and creating the primaries on page 62 is putting me back in the fast lane. Im moving up the doingness scale and am going to manifest primaries and work with my teammates and the trainers to create more Avatars, Masters and Wizards.

Thank you for creating the materials and allowing me to be part of your team. There is so much more for me to feel and learn.

Out of gratitude and love, Beth Edwards
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Dear Harry,

It¹s when students awaken on course and when I myself use the tools that I realize, as if anew, how insightful and powerful they really are.

Late this winter I began to get episodes of squeezing pain in both upper arms and shortness of breath, as if atypical angina. As I was leaving Santa Fe the morning after the spring course finished, I had three or four bouts of this, getting closer and more severe each time. With the last bout, on the bus to Albuquerque and the airport, I had a sense of impending doom and realized I was probably having crescendo angina that was progressing to a heart attack. There wasn¹t much else to do I did the attack handle in my head and felt much better once it was done.

When I arrive home in the Bay area, I contacted my doctor. He, too, couldn¹t think of much else but angina or a heart attack and arranged for a cardiologist to evaluate me. I was proud to do well on the treadmill part of the stress test, but the thallium scan with it showed evidence of damage heart attack at the apex of the heart, low down in the chest. A couple of weeks later I had a CT scan of the arteries in the heart. This showed that one artery, the right coronary, was constricted near its start by 60% to 80% -- that is, there was only 20% to 40% of the normal flow. That artery supplies the area the thallium scan showed was damaged.

They scheduled a true, invasive, catheter angiogram which was to be followed on the table by angioplasty blowing up the damaged area with a balloon on the catheter and placement of a metal stent to keep the artery open. That in turn would mean three years of strong blood thinners. Needless to say I didn¹t like the idea but realized it was necessary.

I managed to postpone the catheter study until this past Monday, after the International Course and the San Diego Cooperative. I¹ve spent virtually every night since the CT study doing the Body Handle and following it with a primary that my heart is healthy.

Monday, I had the catheter study. The cardiologist was astounded, and my wife and I were delighted, that each of the blood vessels of the heart was entirely clean no blockage or hardening of any of the arteries.

You can imagine the sense I have of a new lease on life, and the new creativity with that area of fixed attention freed up. Thank you so much for these tools.



(Pieter Kark, MD
Mountain View, CA)


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Well I would tell a master that has no idea what the Wizards course is about to just,like, feel into what it felt like to be at Masters, and all that love that they had there and all that feeling of being connected to whomever was at your Masters Course, and multiply that by two thousand or one million or all that. Just multiply that feeling, and feel it for half a second, and then it still wont even equal what you get at the Wizard Course because the amount of love at the Wizard Course and the connection is like nothing else on the planet, nothing.

Its, you know, its like amazing. Were so many people from so many places, working for one common goal, and this is the only legacy we can really leave future generations. Being here now for everyone, and wow, its just like my dream come true. Ive always wanted to make this a better world, for my kids, and for everyone. When you see the amount of suffering out there, and how you can avoid it just by becoming real, its amazing.

Patsy long de Ralero-Mexico-2008

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I didnt give up on this course and the people gave me the courage to dig deeper continuously.

And because of that, on my last day at the last hour, I had my biggest breakthrough!!

I face my deepest Fear that it was "scary" to feel my feeling!!

I had constructed an impenetrable wall that no one could get through, and I couldnt see out. More to the point, I couldnt feel anything anymore. Now I can feel the best feeling in the world which is that Im not alone. Im Free. Im Alive. I Love.

Laurel White-USA-2008

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All beliefs and experiences exist because I chose them which I can wear or take off freely. I can create everything I want to do. Im going to contribute to the world making people happy, like you, Harry.

Takafumi Yanagihara-Japan-2008

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I took Masters last March and Ive had lots of good experiences since then. After Masters I met an ideal boy friend and found a very good job that I can work during the day instead of night time which I used to do and the new job has very good conditions. I quit the job before Professional Masters, and when I came back from Pro, I found I was pregnant. Since my boyfriend was the partner I wanted to spend my life with, we got married right away and now Im spending a wonderful time which I hadnt had before. I didnt believe I would have a child, nor a good family, and now that I have all these, Im full of joy. Thank You so much for the wonderful course and the experience of alignment. Im going to tell people like me about Avatar.

Yumiko Hamada-Japan-2008

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