At Wizards, magic happens. You start to show up in your life and suddenly, a flood of opportunities to integrate your life come at just the right moment. Every moment then becomes sacred to your awakening.

This amazing and often weird synchronistic effect creates in one?s being that something very big and wonderful, and important is happening. The bliss is contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization.

C. S. - Japan
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Wow...what fun. To be free of the life I had as I knew it; to have the tools to assume more responsibility; to experience softness and compassion and be present and have fun...

Thank you, Harry.
B. C., Alaska
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Today I woke up with a smile on my face, happy and excited to use the exercises and have a look at my identities today.

Waking up happy hasn?t happened to me for many years! I love it!

I love what the exercises give me a possibility to experience.

I. K. - Sweden
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What a great experience. This is my first Wizards and I?ll be back next year, with my family.

The tools are incredible. I have answered so many questions I?ve had about my life. It?s like finding the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I?ve worked with secrets and hidden agendas and I?ve had amazing experiences helping others find secrets and release themselves of burdens they have carried for most of their lives. What an amazing feeling to help someone free themselves and feel them lighten up.

My utmost gratitude and appreciation to you, Harry, and the entire Avatar Network for these precious gifts to humanity. May I be able to serve others with compassion and sincerity for the rest of my life.

P. M. - New Zealand
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I just can?t describe the feeling between my husband and myself, here at The Avatar Wizard Course. Doing the course together is such a gift, an honor, a blessing!

L. M. - Belgium

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During one of the Wizard Course exercises, I discovered that I hold the disaligning belief, ?I don?t trust myself.? I felt how, through this belief, I?d set myself up in an adversarial game against myself that kept me in my head trying to control myself. It kept me separate from others, but also from my higher self.

As soon as I discreated that belief I felt such a strong feeling of being home, like the essential I. Existing feels so much more effortless!

R. A. -  England
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I feel like ?Wow! Life is easy to live and it?s simple. What a wonderful life it is.? It?s amazing. I really appreciate the wonderful Avatar tools.

S. T. - Japan

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I cannot express my gratitude... for what I feel, for what this means for the next generations. This is the way I want to live, together?as one.

I am so happy I can see my daughter for what she is, and I?m able to stop projecting my needs on her.

Thank you.
N. H. - Belgium

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Trust, genuineness, connections, and spirit of life have all been restored to a level of undefined grace. Thank you.

It has been a journey I would never have imagined. I cleared up a secret that will allow me to break down the wall I?ve created and truly connect and build strong, courageous relationships.

I am so very excited to share Avatar with the people I connect with. It?s the answer I?ve been waiting for.

L. H. -  Mississippi

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Well, Harry, I?m not sure where to start. It?s been such a wild ride! I?m still in such awe and amazement at the tools you?ve created for us.

I?ve had the courage to handle some of my darkest secrets on a much deeper level this year. The thought that I could have carried these with me for my entire life and never really lived is mind blowing. This really gives me the motivation and inspiration to get to work creating more Wizards.

I really, I mean really, broke some belief jugs with the Wizard exercises. I was in so much resistance to experiencing other viewpoints that I had really been creating a lot of separation and frustration. I feel like my connection with others has deepened.

Your love and dedication is beyond words!

C. H. - San Diego
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I am so moved and forever changed from this experience. What an incredible honor to do this work and take action on that which separates us. I know that this is what I am meant to do.

I could never thank you enough for what you have done and continue to do. I am deeply grateful and can?t wait to continue to flow this love and empowerment.

What a precious and bold time to be here now with you. This sanga is unstoppable!

R. H. - Wyoming
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