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Dear Harry,
I want to express my gratitude for the transformation my children have gone through during these nine days and the fact that they have now, these amazing tools to deliberately shape their lives and soon the lives of others. The shift I have seen, especially in my eleven year-old daughter, has been amazing. I feel her resistances and angry attitude drop to virtually zero. She is changed, calm, wise, and happy.

C. R. -  Florida
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I was born again through The Avatar Course. At first, when I did Section I, I resisted. But as the course went through Section II and III, I felt my true self. I cannot describe it. Why didnt I do it before? I am sorry about that but Im happy now. Thanks to The Avatar Course. I left my projection, low confidence, distrusting of others which I had used for a long time. Now I can find my true identity.

I expect a wonderful future. Ill feel this movement toward the Masters Course.

K. B. -  Korea

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The Avatar Course has been an incredible journey of Self discovery. Thanks for giving me the tools that I will use every day in my life. It really taught me forgiveness - most of all to myself, but also others. How important it is to be totally honest with yourself.

Thanks to all the compassionate people at the course and the rest of the world. I am ready to live my life.

K. H. - Australia
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After the first day of ReSurfacing, I was thinking of all kinds of reasons to quit. But I felt I was afraid of discovering things in me that I would rather stay hidden. I saw this as a challenge!

After the second day, I felt enormous relief and joy. And you know what? The next day, after at work, it immediately helped me in a way I could never had imagined. The company noticed this and decided to pay for Section II and III, the Masters and Professional. Sensational!

Now Ive completed Section II and I feel so good, so tranquil and so connected with everybody present. This feeling lasts and grows. Now Im starting the Section III.

Thank you Harry for inspiring people to inspiring people and so on. With Love.

L. M. - The Netherlands

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I just finished Section III of The Avatar Course. It was amazing, but I cant explain what happened to me. It is such a mysterious thing. It was like I was in a great dark for such a long time. I thought I would never find positive things and happiness again.

However, a friend of mine, who already finished the course last year, told me about The Avatar Course. Now Im at peace. I will join the Masters Course in Korea and then The Wizard Course, next year. I cant wait for these courses. Thanks a lot! God Bless you.

S. K., Korea
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I first did The Avatar Course in 1996. It was scary for me. I was uncovering stuff that I had locked away in my subconscious for a long time. Stuff that had such a hold on me that I couldnt move.

Before I did Avatar I was being pushed from pillar to post by lifes experiences. I had no control over the things that were happening to me. Thats just the way life was. I was numb. I didnt know who I was or even what music I liked. I felt very distant from my family and my friends. I wasnt very successful at anything. The only thing I had that had any real meaning to me was my beautiful boy. But I was constantly pushing him away and pulling him back. I needed to change, for him. It was okay that I was the way I was, but I wanted something better for him. I was determined he was going to have a better life.

Avatar has shown me not only how to help my son, but also how to help myself. The more I let go of my past, the more space I create for my son, my family, my friends and my "enemies" to move forward. Creating an enlightened planetary civilization isnt as hard as one might think.

M. S. - Australia
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Ya know what Harry? I totally landed it today! Im no longer filled with the doubt of my decision. I can happily celebrate my wins!

Ive become so much more aware that I am not the identities Ive previously, so unknowingly created and worn. That feels liberating, like my wardrobe is empty and free to be filled with whichever outfit I choose!

I am so grateful to all the Masters that helped me along, stuck in there, with me through the snarky and bitchy identities. What an amazing choice of work to do! And Thanks you and Avra for all of your hard work. See you at Wizards! Blessings be.

G. H. - New Zealand

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An Eternal Heart

I really have no words to describe my initiation. I connected with a whole sensation of peace and indescribable serenity. I felt the eternity in me and I was the eternity. It is like a different heart beating. An eternal one. I surrendered to it. I realized that we all are living in it. Really, no words!

R. A. -  Spain

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The day after The Avatar Course I had an extra day to metabolize things I had learned and experienced.

I realize today after graduating as an Avatar, I am different. My life will never be the same. My prayers are answered - this is the end of seeking for me (Harry Palmer is right!) I have attained the beginning of enlightenment. I am so thankful and feel so much gratitude to God and the universe for the realizations and experiences. I feel more. I can feel so many things at the same time - a more aware feeling of my surroundings.

Everywhere I am is a different experience. Colors seem brighter, sounds more eloquent, and my experiences are with greater sensitivity and awareness. Tears of gratitude keep coming to my eyes.

Thank you, Harry Palmer!

E. M. - Washington
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I have just returned from The Avatar Professional Course in Orlando. Harry, I would like to tell you just how grateful I am that I have attended these courses and how grateful I am that you pulled together the strands of thought on consciousness, higher self and living in the now into a practical set of tools.

I wont pretend that Im there yet and Im not leaping from the roof screaming that I am enlightened. Its just the beginning for me to understand how to live deliberately and to take the pain out of my life when things seem not to go how I intended. The Professional Course showed me how I have resisted life at times and how resistance produces pain. It was like being hit with a plank. Suddenly the question marks fell away. It was a tough week in so many ways but there was so much love in that room, so many people there to support me that I do actually feel there is hope for humanity. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

E. P., England
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My mother died recently. The four years that I have been doing Avatar made all the difference in my ability to support, accept and love her. I am so grateful that she lived to be 90 years-old, so that we could come to a more peaceful place with one another. All the tools helped me to create this, but the Persistent Mass Handling and Surrender All Judgment exercises were radically transforming.

I do not have words to adequately express my gratitude. Now, I have come to The Avatar Professional Course and released the trauma of her death and envisioned a path to my next steps. My heart is open and my primaries are in place.

J. C. - New Mexico

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