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The Professional Course has been amazing. When I first arrived, I felt insecure about what the course would bring, but by half way through the first day, I felt amazing.
Being in real contact with people is something that I now always want to feel. It is so pure and caring, its just amazing!

The exercises are so pure and I feel so clear. Things that I made into big issues are, thanks to the exercises, very easy to grasp, and I have never laughed so loud about these things. It makes everything easier.

The Rat List exercise was something. I didnt feel like doing it, but when I finally got through the resistance, it was just wonderful and amazing.

I feel so inspired to move forward, on this great path and let others feel the gift that they can give themselves.

I. K. - The Netherlands

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For the first time, I dont feel there are any problems that cant be overcome. From the Rat List exercise, I have the feeling that conflicts and struggles can be transformed into love and acceptance.

I see the bigger vision now, for a better world and I am creating that now. Your work has helped me to see this. I also had an experience with seeing that death is not necessary to worry about. That fear is just a state of consciousness that can be discreated.

Thank You.

W. B. -  Oregon
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Thank You Harry! Thank you for your hard work and dedication to such a pure cause. This is my first Professional Course, and it is priceless. It Rocks!

I recently, at this course, GOT IT! I now take accountability for my creations! I own my life. Yay!

There are no coincidences. I have seen proof of shared consciousness many times over. Thank you for providing me with a life alarm clock. Thank you for the wake up call. See you at The Wizard Course.

G. A. - Washington
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I am a housewife who attended The Avatar Course with her two children, (13 & 14 years-old) in Korea.

I have always wanted to be a good mother and a good person, but Ive felt like I was wandering in the darkness of conflicts. I didnt know how I could be a good person, even if I wanted to be... And even though I already knew my consciousness was precious, I was in difficulty, pity, sadness, pain, or confused about it. I felt like there must be a way... then The Avatar Course led me to find myself easily and clearly.

Now, I have a firm grounding in myself. I think my family will, too. For the tools, and the devoted Masters... I thank all the people who have guided me through this nine day journey to myself. I send my love to all the people in this world.

Y. S. H., Korea
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This has been a fabulous journey! I thought, "nine days of looking at my stuff...thats an eternity." But The Avatar Course creates a time warp! It has flown by.

I feel like a new born awareness, now creating my own reality, birthing my own creations. What a joy, what a blessing; to unload the charge associated with past events so they dont haunt or upset me anymore. And to realize that its not about the people I dont like or have issues with, its all about me. Its how I react, how I feel.

I knew this intellectually but to know it experientially, at a whole new level, to really get it was wonderful. Ive discreated the ?models Id created of people I love, but have judged or criticized, so now I accept them as they are without that projection, what love!

J. F., Texas

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I was working on Identity Rundown #1 today and I feel like it changed my life! Each time I cleared away an identity I felt lighter, more free, more compassionate and connected to other people.

R. J. - Florida
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I?m seeing how much I am motivated by fear of consequences, rather than inspired vision, and how I use this to try and ?motivate? others and myself to show up. It?s sort of a ?be good or go to hell? or ?there will be trouble,? kind of thing. It?s not a great motivator at all. If for no other reason, and there are countless, this has been worth coming to Wizards.

Included in the countless reasons are all the joyful moments spent in service assisting others to free their attention and awaken beyond their own definitions.

L. M. - Australia
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At Wizards, magic happens. You start to show up in your life and suddenly, a flood of opportunities to integrate your life come at just the right moment. Every moment then becomes sacred to your awakening.

This amazing and often weird synchronistic effect creates in one?s being that something very big and wonderful, and important is happening. The bliss is contributing to the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization.

C. S. - Japan
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Wow...what fun. To be free of the life I had as I knew it; to have the tools to assume more responsibility; to experience softness and compassion and be present and have fun...

Thank you, Harry.
B. C., Alaska
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Today I woke up with a smile on my face, happy and excited to use the exercises and have a look at my identities today.

Waking up happy hasn?t happened to me for many years! I love it!

I love what the exercises give me a possibility to experience.

I. K. - Sweden
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What a great experience. This is my first Wizards and I?ll be back next year, with my family.

The tools are incredible. I have answered so many questions I?ve had about my life. It?s like finding the missing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

I?ve worked with secrets and hidden agendas and I?ve had amazing experiences helping others find secrets and release themselves of burdens they have carried for most of their lives. What an amazing feeling to help someone free themselves and feel them lighten up.

My utmost gratitude and appreciation to you, Harry, and the entire Avatar Network for these precious gifts to humanity. May I be able to serve others with compassion and sincerity for the rest of my life.

P. M. - New Zealand
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