What a journey I have been on. This is my third Wizard course and I feel like I am unraveling the story of my life. Anxiety, fear and depression were my bedmates and I fought against them with such desperation and resistance.

Secrets, Hidden Agendas, Float and other exercises all helped in the process of the unravelling. To experience the resistance around these things has been truly painful and scary but what awaits on the other side is a gift of new life.

On the last day, as usual, I started my pattern of ?I can?t do it, it is too scary, I can?t be responsible.? But by my sheer will and determination not to go down that same road, I took my creations through the exercises and with the help of a partner, I faced my fears and came out a different person. A person who isn?t afraid. A person who chooses hope. A person who wants to be an example for and to help others.

Thank you Harry, Avra and all the team. I am truly grateful for this gift.

S. G. - New Zealand
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Every moment of my life, every enemy in my life, all of us, and this planet are all so amazing.

The more attention I place on something, the more judgments disappear. I can solve any problem, I can experience any thing, I can stop anything, I just need to put a little more attention on it.

I can handle any of my beliefs, viewpoints or identities deliberately. The point is to control attention.

Everything starts to become so amazing if I experience it thoroughly with more attention. I can get more awareness and I can see a solution.

I have found the way to experience anything without suffering. I have found the way of living with amazement, being real, and happy.

I know creating an enlightened planetary civilization is true and real. Just as the morning comes, as the sun rises, and day comes... That is the natural way.

S. Y. - Korea
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Reflecting on my journey through the Avatar materials to The Wizard Course, I realize how much broader my understanding has become with Avatar in my life. The awareness doesnt fade and it becomes such a part of myself that it feels like breathing.

I find it such an amazing gift to understand that in the moment something may feel like there is no other way to see or experience it, yet as a Wizard I look beyond that and always more reveals itself.

Without this gift, life would continue to feel hopeless or limited. With the only chance for change requiring great effort or luck.

I know now that no matter what is going on, I have the tools and abilities to shift any experience.

K. F.-Texas

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Before coming to Wizards I was convinced that I had a pretty good connection with people. Im always chatting, joking and talking to everyone.

At Wizards I discovered that really being in connection with others, and myself, is a feeling of great admiration, compassion, love, and respect. I feel really grateful and humble for having this experience. I feel that I would like to be more in connection and I am on my way. It is exciting!

Thank you, Harry, for this experience and your inspiration to dig deeper.

K. N.-Netherlands

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In the Float Rundown I discovered I was operating through fear of failure or doing things wrong. It kept me from things I wanted to learn. Now it is gone. Its okay to be wrong or fail. I just keep at it until I am good at it. I also discovered that I dont trust myself to do some things. The more I resisted the worse it became.

When I discreated both of theses I felt lighter and able to concentrate better.

J. B.-Illinois
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Dear Harry,
With all my heart I thank you and all the people that are here.

In this course I found who I really am. I am so happy to realize the meaning of "present with others" and to create gratitude. It is amazing, wonderful, interesting and beautiful.

I hope everybody in the world learns about Avatar and can share this moment together.

L. S.-Korea

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You hear it, here, you know, at Wizards. People who did Masters just a month ago,or two months ago theyre here, and theyre very happy about it. They say, "Im so happy I did this." No complaints, "Oh no, its too early", you know. No one, no one is saying this. They say, "Im so happy with the fast track", they call it the fast track. So what I would say to Masters who say, "Well..." The best way to integrate is to take the next step. And the next step after Masters is Wizards.

Niko Smak-The Netherlands-2007

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Ive had so many realizations on this course, its incredible. I feel as if a whole part of my old self, the part that would sabotage itself and others, is gone. Whoosh! Just like that.

It helps me so much in being more powerful and showing up to contribute to an EPC. And in helping and encouraging others to use their power to the fullest. Im loving it!

R. S.-Netherlands


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For a long time I?d lost the meaning of gratitude. I lived my life going from one egocentric identity to another. I lost sight of all the beautiful things in my life. People would thank me but I did not really hear them. I would say, "Thank You," and offer nothing but an empty mental concept, a hollow shell.

During The Professional Course and then The Wizard Course, I regained truthful gratitude. I found the way to happiness again. It changed my life.

D. W.-Netherlands

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This was my fourth Wizards and my most memorable. The message of hope and optimism could be felt throughout the course.

More importantly was the certain knowledge that we really are making a difference by preparing a legacy that will create a better world for not only my children and grandchildren but also for the future generations of people who we do not know.

I left the course uplifted and rejuvenated and already excited about next year. Thank you Harry, Avra and the Trainers.

T. S.-England

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After completing my first Wizards, one of my primaries is, "No questioner, no answerer."

It is the most freeing experience to live in the moment, fully aware and actually in THAT moment (or as much as a baby wizard can be!) I am able to first of all look at myself with total love and acceptance of the good, the bad and the ugly! Yeah! And the best part of that is that since I do that with myself now...I now offer that to everyone I meet! WOW! What a change from the defined and judgmental being I have evolved from!

Thank you, Harry and Avra and Stars Edge for being willing to share and making this incredible growing network available!

A. C., Tennessee, USA

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