For the first time in my life I can say with absolute honesty and commitment that I am truly aligned with my intentions. I now have courage and can feel the excitement in showing up. I am.

S. S.-Australia

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This was my first Wizards and it was a mind-blowing experience!

I just love how I finally felt that I knew exactly where I was, where I wanted to go and how to get there. The tools are amazing, the connections are fantastic and the level of care is beyond description.

I cleared away so much... and still I know it is just the tip of the iceberg. I have already registered for the next Wizards Course. See you there in 2010!

A. G.-Netherlands-2009

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What I wanted to say first of all is that the people who are the trainers and who operate Avatar, they operate from the highest level of integrity. I want to make that really clear to anyone who is thinking of taking the Avatar Course. These people are operating from their highest self, and its not about money and its not about fame and its not about power. This is about service to others, that is what its all about is service to others.

Donna Murphy-USA-2007

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This was my eighth Wizards course in a row. It was the best ever.

I saw and experienced the materials in such a new light. Areas of the Wizards materials that had seemed unrelated in previous years all fell into place this year. I connected all the dots and the materials made sense. I understood the relationship of how it all works in my life. Areas of resistance melted away. The ability to really feel what is going on in my life and discreate it was amazing. It was all so familiar and then it was gone! When I got home I was straight out to inspire and that same day registered two people for ReSurfacing.

The other remarkable experience on coming home is that I have never experienced at such a profound level, was a quiet mind. I still have it. No thoughts rattling in my head, just present with the moment. Decide and act. I am really amazed at the power of the material, and the even more amazing thing is that I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg. With loads of love and respect to Harry, Avra and Miken, plus all the awesome Stars Edge Trainers.


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Dear Harry & Avra,
Thank you so much for giving us these awesome tools and such a great team of trainers.
I am thoroughly enjoying Harrys lectures and I appreciate the humor. The skits are great too!

T. S.- Arizona, USA-2009

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Its wonderful. Youd love it. I think its about deep knowing. It just reaches you right where you are. I cant imagine January without being at Wizards. Wizards is everything. And just as Masters is, maybe, ten times better than Avatar in what you get out of it. So Wizards is maybe thousand times better than Masters in what you get out of it. And it puts everything together in the most incredible way, and really gives you the power to live deliberately.

Dr. Pieter Kark-USA-2007

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I was experiencing some disharmony with my partner. It was all there, blaming anger and upset. We were at Wizards, a perfect opportunity to look at what I was creating. I began exploring what I had done in the past to my family, and my siblings especially, in order to unravel and gain perspective on what I was creating in present time.

It was easy to find. I had made my brother the scapegoat for one of my own transgressions. The incident was clearly etched in my memory. It was one of those life defining moments when we choose to take the wrong path out of fear or anger. I had stolen money out of a purse. I stayed silent as I watched my father verbally attack and abuse my young brother. My justification was my own fear of my dads anger and my own anger with the world.

It was time now to feel and take responsibility for what I had done. I had the tools and support to reconcile the pain and suffering I had created for another being all those decades ago. I revealed and acknowledged the suffering and injustice I had caused. This opened up other secrets I had kept. There were many instances of withholding information which caused distress for others. Harry Palmer says "Freeing the attention fixed on our secrets empowers us to direct change and reshape lives."

The outcome of all this was an event that surprised and amazed me. Back home, three weeks later, I came home late one evening and there was my brother on the doorstep. He had not been in contact with any family members for several years. He stayed for a couple of weeks, there was connection, kindness and love.

I am very grateful for these incredible life changing tools.

L. W.- Australia-2009


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Wizards 2009 was an amazing experience. I had been working on a negative identity, and found a hidden agenda that scared the crap out of me. But with the help of my coach, I was able to discreate it and become source of it.

Thank God and thank you Harry. I was so afraid that I would become that identity and life in that would not be good.

Thank you all for the amazing experience this year, and I will see you all next year...for sure.

M. T.- Texas, USA-2009

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Israel. May 20 2009
Dear Harry

I just finished the second primary on the source list. It was hard work and it feels like there is something here that is bigger than life.
You saved my life. I was already mentally dead and you gave me a hand by amazing insights - here in Israel.
The way they endure with me, and the way they dedicate their time and energy to me. Its a sacred work. You guys saved me, and in Hebrew we say : He who saved one soul, it is as if he saved a whole universe".
I know Im only at the beginning of the path, but I would really like to thank you all.
In respect
Tzipi Ranan

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May 23rd 2009
Dear Harry
I just finished delivering the Avatar course to my aunt.
I have no words to thank you for the powerful experience.
To empower a person and to experience her growing "by the hour", that is the best gift. To help them getting out of creations that sabotaged their life so much -that is an experience that being a part of is a grace.
I am full of appreciation from the depth of my hart and astonished time and again by the course materials, and Im proud to be part of this powerful creation.
I would like to mention that I was supported in delivering the course by Adit Ben Porat and Rina Koresh, with professionalism and endless love! Adit has opened her house for the whole nine days even though my aunt was the only student in the course. That is to me one of the highest expressions of an enlightened planetary civilization!!!
Thank you so much for all that good
With love and appreciation

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Hi Harry,

I have no idea if this will reach you, but Im so overflowing that I can not not thank you...
Pro has been an amazing experience...I didnt fully realize the power of appreciating what is...this opens the door to so much more. awareness has exponentially expanded...I feel so much more connected to all of my creations...and what happens as a result...which produces more gratitude, which returns back and fills me to overflowing go out again. I am experiencing the outflow, connecting with people who are ready for the awakening of Avatar...people who really care about precious humanity and are willing to accept the responsibility....these people are people that have been in my everday life...I just wasnt aware....and theyre popping up all over....
I am so grateful for the tools I have learned with Avatar to clean up my stuff, and so that I am free to be me. Its really not about me. Thats funny, isnt it?
With a huge grateful heart, I join you in creating an EPC!


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