To Avatar Course
So the Master Course is what I have been searching for in my life! Appreciation for my creation and the whole world. Thank you so much, Harry. Just like you said: "Its inevitable that we create an EPC". And really great thanks to my Master Florian Funke who has never given up to inspire me. He is a great guy, but I think you know this.
In unconditional love,
Nico Frantz

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This course has been amazing! All my life Ive been striving for perfection and now Ive finally let myself off the hook!!

Serious drill is so powerful and it enabled me to look others in the eye and really appreciate them. My husband joined me for the last two and a half days and it brought up quite a few issues for me. Initially I dived briefly into worrying that Id get it all wrong and I was a failure and then I remembered that I was in possession of a fantastic and powerful toolkit and there was no time like the present to use it. Magical results!

Thank you.


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Unbelievable what is achieved in such a short time: Avatar makes it possible. Friendship with people all over the world, a web, seeds that grow and Im part of it to create an E.P.C. I feel gratitude.

Thank you Harry.

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Its such a relief to be honest to yourself and to others and to be able to feel that you are alive, instead of being reminded by your mind every day that you are in pain and thinking: Is this life???

What a relief. What an insight.

Now I can feel connected, trusting, and faithful towards the future. I didnt know that life could be this effortless! I cant wait to lead other people towards this way of living or to their path.

An honest thank you from the bottom of my belly. Thank you Harry & Avra.

Love, Willemijn Kaasjager

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Ive had a wonderful week. Gone through some very persistent stuff and feel quite different now. Most important, I feel I have the tools to get myself back on track whenever I get diverted. I feel very powerful and relaxed!

Thanks all of you who have helped me on my path!

Mieke van Montfoort

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Dear Harry,

The Avatar Course was very good for me and many things changed in my life. Now, after the Master Course I feel free, inspired, and more powerful.

Thanks a lot for my new life.


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This is so powerful to keep your life straight up. All the feelings, loving I can bring out to other people and to myself makes life worth living, and protects and saves this planet from all the negative influences.

In August Im going to do the Pro in Willingen and take my children with me. Although they are nearly six and seven, I hope they already get the the taste of Avatar. They already like "Mums school".

So much love,
Mirella van Rens

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Dear Harry,

Thank you for sharing the tools with us. They are very powerful.

At the second day, I had a huge success with the Transparent Belief exercise. I realized that with regards to having a good relationship and a happy family, my transparent belief was that I couldnt do it without my Mum, who passed away two years ago.

I was confused in the beginning of what to do with this realization. But then I saw the whole "impossible" patterns of my life unfold. I have integrated this now. Thanks a lot.

Kind Regards,
Nadine Böhmes

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It is very clear to me now how I kept myself from doing things I truly believed in by using every secondary that came my path.

Today, I feel so strongly about the good work all the Masters, QMs, Stars Edge people, Harry and Avra do that it would be very hard to create a resistance against contributing to the network. If there was ever a time in which I doubted the good intentions of Avatar, it can be considered as totally discreated!

From the bottom of my heart: Thanks to all of you, its a privilege to be a part of this fantastic network.

Miehe Bruneel

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During this Master Course I learned that I can trust people in taking care of my daughter. It will help her and me to grow and be free. I can help her with patience and a lot of love.

My daughter is diagnosed with ADHD and after she did the Mini Courses about Will and Attention, she became a very competent student at school.

So now she is going to the Avatar Course and maybe she can live without medication, because now she will always have people around her who are Avatars.

Yolanda van Ee

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On Friday, while walking along the beach, feeling the endless space to the outermost limits I had an experience. I suddenly felt a very deep connection with all the Avatars in the world. Very warm, very deep and I felt the enormous power of all those creators.

And now, I just close my eyes, make connection with that compassionate power, open my eyes, and I am source.

Ton Knoester

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