Dear Harry and Avra,

"Everything flows...eventually" and eventually is here, now, continually. By confusing fixed attention and/or biased attention with focused and free attention, I have blocked the flow of what is most important to me; contributing to the creation of an EPC in service to others/ Awakening. This has been transparent and, since Integrity Course, I have become aware, through grace and appreciation and connection with you and the materials and our amazing Sangha, of my patterns and beliefs that have created this and I have an experiential clarity of surrender and steering my ship. When attention flows freely, everything flows.

The enclosed is from a new student who looked at the EPC website, felt his alignment, called me and did ReSurfacing last weekend. He has now inspired two others to do ReSurfacing and that is happening this weekend. I am humble. His next goal is doing Part II and III at the International Course in Oct.

Much Love, Appreciation and Gratitude,
Helen Baumgartner


Dear Helen,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! I feel so alive, words really cant describe what Im feeling right now. You have opened my eyes to so much that I cant ever turn back. Tell Maurice thank you for me, there was something about his presence, being there at lunch, that added to my awakening. Let me know what weekends you have open, I want to get started on the mini courses as soon as possible! Im very excited about my future, with Avatar and personally. Now I get the messages that people write on the Avatar site and in the Journal...HAHAHAHA This is only the beginning so its hard for me to even imagine that there is more but I know there is... The splinter in my mind, so to speak, has turned into a 2 by 4. I want more, I have to follow this path...THANK YOU!


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Hi there Andrew, I knew Id end up with your e-mail address.

Well, what a ride !

previously .....the results so far,

loss of sleep......... 3 solid nights sleep !

wrong decisions re emotional customers............. 3 major problems blown away with new attitude.

family....... a major shift !

work load......... still there but not getting bogged down by worry

confidence........ a big improvement

Orlando....... meeting mentor there & friend from Norway continuing with masters

Things just seem to improve as we go.

Ive been waiting for the "withdrawal symptoms" but if anything things seem to be getting better.

Dont understand it & not trying to figure it out !

My love to all the masters involved with me, there were a few.

kind regards Bob Grant

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Dear Avra, Harry and Miken,

I want to acknowledge your selfless service to others in contributing to creating a better world through using the Avatar tools and empowering others to keep stretching and making this world a better place. The level of personal responsibility goes beyond any spiritual pretense and is genuine care and commitment. I am grateful and humbled to be a part of this network and its mission. Thank you for your vision and action.

With much love and gratitude
Lin Walden

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I have completed the Master Course with some delightful insights. I can indeed change the world.

I have spoken to my boyfriend this week and we went from almost separating twice to being stronger than ever. I also had the pleasure of speaking to the mother of a fellow graduate. The following day, she told me how grateful her mother was for what I said. I dont remember what I told her mother, but it all came from the heart.

We are all here on this planet to help each other and I will spend the rest of life bringing new life to others (whether they like it or not!).


Dellwyn Oseana


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So the Master Course is what I have been searching for in my life! Appreciation for my creation and the whole world. Thank you so much, Harry. Just like you said: "Its inevitable that we create an EPC". And really great thanks to my Master Florian Funke who has never given up to inspire me. He is a great guy, but I think you know this.
In unconditional love,
Nico Frantz

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This course has been amazing! All my life Ive been striving for perfection and now Ive finally let myself off the hook!!

Serious drill is so powerful and it enabled me to look others in the eye and really appreciate them. My husband joined me for the last two and a half days and it brought up quite a few issues for me. Initially I dived briefly into worrying that Id get it all wrong and I was a failure and then I remembered that I was in possession of a fantastic and powerful toolkit and there was no time like the present to use it. Magical results!

Thank you.


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Unbelievable what is achieved in such a short time: Avatar makes it possible. Friendship with people all over the world, a web, seeds that grow and Im part of it to create an E.P.C. I feel gratitude.

Thank you Harry.

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Its such a relief to be honest to yourself and to others and to be able to feel that you are alive, instead of being reminded by your mind every day that you are in pain and thinking: Is this life???

What a relief. What an insight.

Now I can feel connected, trusting, and faithful towards the future. I didnt know that life could be this effortless! I cant wait to lead other people towards this way of living or to their path.

An honest thank you from the bottom of my belly. Thank you Harry & Avra.

Love, Willemijn Kaasjager

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Ive had a wonderful week. Gone through some very persistent stuff and feel quite different now. Most important, I feel I have the tools to get myself back on track whenever I get diverted. I feel very powerful and relaxed!

Thanks all of you who have helped me on my path!

Mieke van Montfoort

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Dear Harry,

The Avatar Course was very good for me and many things changed in my life. Now, after the Master Course I feel free, inspired, and more powerful.

Thanks a lot for my new life.


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This is so powerful to keep your life straight up. All the feelings, loving I can bring out to other people and to myself makes life worth living, and protects and saves this planet from all the negative influences.

In August Im going to do the Pro in Willingen and take my children with me. Although they are nearly six and seven, I hope they already get the the taste of Avatar. They already like "Mums school".

So much love,
Mirella van Rens

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